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The Green Deal and Critical Raw Materials Acts aim to make Europe's supply of critical raw materials, from rare earth elements (REE) to copper and zinc, more sustainable and efficient by enabling new developments in recycling technologies and ethical and responsible extraction.

Please make use of this database of European Mining Education to discover, compare and decide which study program best suits your needs. FEMP does not represent itself as the provider of these programs, our aim is only to provide you with useful information as you take this giant step.

This database has been created as part of the TERRA project, which has done its best to ensure the accuracy of the information provided.

The programs listed in this database are owned and provided by the universities listed for each program, the information provided is based on the publicly available information, please contact the relevant university directly for the most up to date information.

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European Mining Course


Application period: Jan - Febr 2025
Start: September at Aalto University, Helsinki



The European Mining Course (EMC) is a triple-degree master's program offered by Aalto University (Finland), RWTH Aachen University (Germany) and Montanuniversität Leoben (Austria). Students spend one semester at each university and prepare their master's thesis in close cooperation with industry partners. Graduates of the EMC have meaningful employment opportunities in all parts of the world and at home, helping to provide the world with responsible mineral resources.
Entry requirements: Strong English language skills, BSc in engineering or geosciences, such as mining engineering, resource engineering, geology, earth sciences, environmental engineering.

fees vary by nationality/
four semesters/
full time


Aalto University on Campus


Triple Degree Program M.SC.

ECTS: 120

Advanced Mineral Resources Development

Applied Geosciences

Arctic Mineral Resources

Civil Engineering, with spezialisation in Mining and Geotechnical Engineering

Earth Science Engineering

Earth Sciences

Earth Sciences

Earth Sciences – Geology

Economics and Business Administration

Energy, Reservoir and Earth Sciences

Environment and Natural Resources

Environmental and Resource Management

European Mining course



Geology and Mining Engineering

Geology-Geoscience with specialization in Mineralogy and Petrology

Geomatics for mineral resource management

Geomatics for Mineral Resource Management


Georesources and geoenergy Engineering



Geotechnical and Environmental Engineering

Geotechnical Engineering and Post-Mining

Geotechnics and Geohazards

International Study Program in Petroleum Engineering

Joint International Master Program in Petroleum Engineering

Master Mineral Resource and Process Engineering

Mineral Resources and Sustainable Mining

Minerals Processing

Mining & Tunnelling

Mining and Geo-Environmental Engineering

Mining and Geological Engineering

Mining and Geological Engineering

Mining Engineering

Mining Engineering

Mining Engineering

Mining Engineering

Mining Environmental Management

Mining Geology

Mining of Mineral Resources

Natural Resources Management

Offshore Engineering for Energy Transition

Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering

Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum Engineering and Petroleum Geosciences

Petroleum Geoengineering

More are coming soon! We are collecting study programs from all over Europe!

Summer School TERRA


A summer school has been established as a joint module of the three partner universities and will be open to external participants. The content focuses on sustainable and responsible sourcing of mineral raw materials. The first module of the summer school started in August 2023 at Aalto University.

So far, the curriculum consists of for modules:

  1. Sustainable rock drilling and blasting technique
  2. Remote rock mass characterization
  3. Mining and energy
  4. Occupational and process safety in mining
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