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Yannick joined the EMC cohort of 2016 after completing his bachelor's degree in mineral resources engineering at RWTH Aachen University. After writing his master's thesis at Germany's first underground nuclear waste repository, he started working as a research assistant at RWTH Aachen University on the integration of renewable energy in mining. Yannick is currently senior engineer at the Institute of Mineral Resources Engineering and is in the process of completing his PhD. Over the years, Yannick has kept in touch with the EMC and has been the main contact and coordinator of the EMC at RWTH Aachen. As such, he has been involved in teaching at RWTH, setting up the new programme with MU Leoben, and also supports the FEMP Board as Executive Secretary. Yannick joined the FEMP Alumni Council in 2018, and is now coordinating and supporting the Council with his experience.

After completing his bachelor's degree in Mineral Resources Engineering at RWTH Aachen University, Johannes joined the EMC with the cohort of 2016. After his Master's degree, he spent the following five years as a Research Associate at the Institute of Mineral Resources Engineering. Among other duties, he was responsible for the software practicals in the EMC course on Reserve Modelling and Estimation, and was also a tutor for the much-loved course Case Study: Mining Project, in which EMC students have to prepare a pre-feasibility study for a fictitious mining project. For his PhD, he investigated the potential of biopolymers as dust suppressants on infertile mine soils, conducting laboratory and large-scale field trials. In his spare time, he has supported the FEMP Alumni Council (e.g. FEMP Hybrid Reunion 2022) and enjoys hiking, running, road cycling and camping. From 2024, he will leave academia to work as a sales and project manager for industrial corrosion protection systems at REMA TIP TOP Oberflächenschutz Elbe GmbH. In the future he will stay active in the Alumni Council by organising further small mini events.

Jordan was part of the EMEC cohort of 2013, following completing her Bachelor’s of Science in materials and metallurgical engineering at the Colorado School of Mines in Denver, Colorado USA. After the one year EMEC program, she returned to Mines to complete her master’s thesis on the topic of tannins in extractive metallurgy, specifically flotation. She has worked for Shell, Rio Tinto, Hazen Laboratories, Silvateam Chemicals and most recently TOMRA Sorting. Jordan recently relocated to Perth, Australia with TOMRA as the Sales Manager for Western Australia and South East Asia for TOMRA’s mining division. Jordan’s EMEC cohort have been regulars at the FEMP reunions and inspired her to join the FEMP Alumni Council in 2023.

Christopher joined the EMC cohort of 2018 after completing his bachelor’s degree in Mineral Resources Engineering at RWTH Aachen University. During the last EMC year he joined the mining technology start-up talpasolutions GmbH in Essen, Germany as a Junior Solution Engineer. Next to working on his master thesis on the implementation of IIoT in discontinuous extraction processes, he deepened his knowledge in sensor technology and IIoT analytics within the mining industry. After the completion of his studies, he continued at talpasolutions as Project Manager with a focus on product lifecycle and project management for IIoT solutions for the mining industry. Partly inspired by his positive experiences during the Aalto semester, he continued his career at Sandvik Mining and Construction Oy in Tampere, Finland as Applications Specialist for the Newtrax collision avoidance and telemetry portfolio. Next to his engagement in the FEMP Alumni Council, where he is working on the newsletter and alumni database, Christopher is an enthusiastic cook and baker and enjoys hiking in the vast Finnish nature.


Jakob participated in the European Geotechnical and Environmental Course, EGEC, in the 2012/13 cohort. After graduating from Aachen University he spent six years as a project engineer in German potash mines. Now he is working in the construction material industry and is responsible for the planning of all technical aspects for a new gypsum underground mine in Germany. 

His professional interests are in shafts and shaft equipment, ventilation and permission processes.


Sauli joined the EMC cohort of 2020 after completing his bachelor’s degree in material science and engineering at Aalto University. In his master’s thesis, he worked on a circular economy project in mine tailings management. After the EMC years, he has recently started his career at the mining and metal company Boliden at the Garpenberg mine, Sweden, as a process engineer. During and after studies, he has always been willing to help FEMP organize events, most importantly the recent reunion in Helsinki. In the future, he will stay active in the Alumni Council by giving his insight into event organizing and marketing.

After completing her BSc Applied Earth Sciences at the TU Delft, Talitha started the European Mining Course in 2017. She joined Sandvik in 2019, to work on her Master Thesis Project in the Amsterdam office. After graduation, Talitha relocated to Finland, to work for Sandvik, Business Unit Automation, to follow her passion for automation and digitalization in the mining industry. While working for Sandvik as a project engineer, Talitha enjoyed working with different people & cultures globally, and particularly enjoyed spending 6 months in Santiago de Chile as part of her work assignment. After 4 years in Sandvik Finland, she relocated to work for Deswik in London, where she is currently supporting clients in EMEA, CIS and Africa in using the Deswik Software and troubleshooting user issues. Talitha loves running, walking with her dog, downhill mountain biking and many more things. She’s looking forward to connecting FEMP alumni more often - also outside of the FEMP reunion. More to follow soon!

Wesley started the European Mining Course in the summer of 2018 after completing his bachelor’s degree in Applied Earth Sciences at TU Delft. After completing his master thesis in cooperation with Tata steel Ijmuiden he joined them in april 2021. After taking part in their 2 year traineeship he started as assistant production manager at the site’s Sinter Plant. Since december 2023 he is working as the plant's production manager. In this job he is responsible for the long term production in a safe and environmentally responsible way. In his spare time he enjoys the company of friends or a nice match of football both on or off the pitch. Wesley has been part of the alumni council since 2020.


The Alumni Council represents the interests of alumni and facilitates the alumni community. It is heavily involved in the organization of the annual reunion, moderates the social media presence, and manages the photo database of alumni events.
The Alumni Council is made up of the following 8 members:

  • Johannes Sieger
  • Jakob Herrmann
  • Talitha Groenewold
  • Jordan Rutledge
  • Christopher Kühlbach
  • Wesley van Maanen
  • Sauli Rytkönen
  • Yannick Feldmann

If you have any suggestions, questions or problems, please contact us!


FEMP Reunion's


FEMP Reunion 20XX

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Our Highlights

A big thanks goes out to our presenters this year:

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A big THANK YOU to Sauli Rytkönen for leading the Reunion team this year and ensuring everything ran smoothly for everyone.

Information about the reunion

IF you joined the reunion this years we would love to hear what you thought, please complete the survey via this link.

We have also created a drop box for any photos of the Reunion that you may want to share.  We will publish the best ones (with your permission of course). You can find the link here.

We are already planning the 20XX Reunion, details will be published in the upcoming months

Best regards and Glück auf!
The FEMP Alumni Council

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